Puyallup Performing
Arts Academy

(Formerly Puyallup Preschool & Kindergaren of the Performing Arts)

Preschool & 
​Puyallup Children's Theater

300 N. Meridian       Puyallup, WA 98371       253-640-8900

School Overview: 

Imagine having a school that fosters the artistic and creative side of all children, while at the same time is growing and building their skill in all academic content areas. Imagine a school that uses music-based experiences as tools for building comprehension and content connections. Imagine a school that appeals to children on all ages, and since children learn best through interaction with their environment and through active participation, a music-based education is an optimal way to structure, as well as extend the learning of its students!

Welcome to Puyallup Performing Arts Academy! By using music as the “trunk” of our educational “tree” – we have created an environment that strengthens and builds connections with all content areas (science, math, social studies, language arts, technology) by means of musical expression, enrichment and experimentation. 

At Puyallup Performing Arts Academy, we focus on the Triangle of Leaning, drawing on the whole brain experience of playing a musical instrument. By incorporating and combining visual, aural and kinesthetic modalities into each lesson, students have a much higher retention rate, as well as building the students’ ability to be effective learners in all three modalities. 


Puyallup Performing Arts Academy seeks to create a challenging and creative, learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through development-appropriate music-based instruction that effectively integrates all students. This setting enhances a child’s love of creative discovery and learning, while developing self-confidence, academic and social skills. 


~To cultivate a sense of community within the school. 
~To offer personalized instruction so students are challenged at their individual pace. 
~To create specialized activities and learning opportunities that expand both on established     curriculum themes and the interests of the students. 
~To meet or exceed State of Washington Academic Standards. 


Puyallup Performing Arts Academy serves students in Preschool (age 3) through the 3rdgrade. Our multi-age learning environment is structured as follows:

~Preschool (see Preschool page   HERE for specific organization details.)
~1st& 2ndGrade
~2nd& 3rdGrade


Registration can be done online, over the phone or in person. There is a one-time $85 registration fee due at the time of enrollment. The fee is waived for returning students and their siblings. The school hand book and additional registration paperwork will be emailed out mid-August, as well as several dates of Back-to-School night events.